"Women who understand the Bible also understand why they cover their heads."

Thank you for this article and for the above statement found in your article. It has long been a conviction of mine and one I practice, albeit quite alone among my congregation.

I would ask one thing of any person who still believes this is a fashion statement of the Apostle Paul's era: are the "angels", too, a fashion statement? What does one do with them in I Corinthians 11:10 if the sign of authority is simply a fashion statement? The answer is simple: the "sign" has always been Scripture in the headship order.

I love my role as my husband's wife; I would want no other. I dearly desire that my sisters in Christ would also come to embrace and love their God-given roles and return to biblical head covering. Thank you for posting this article. I shall be including a link to it on the front page of my online journal.


Thank you for the kind words and the point to consider.

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