Ten Facts About Local Congregations

by Gardner Hall

Ten facts about local congregations today: taken from the letters to the seven churches (Revelation 2,3).

  1. Christ knows their works!
  2. Most congregations have a mixture of good qualities and weaknesses.
  3. Christ considers some congregations in bad spiritual shape to be his still.
  4. Even though we might not be able to conscientiously recommend some congregations (like Sardis and Laodicea), that doesn’t mean we are judging if they are still of Christ. He is the judge of when he removes their candlestick.
  5. Even good congregations often have some bad apples! (Revelation 2:14-16)
  6. Even badly flawed congregations often have some good people (Revelation 2:24; 3:4). Salvation is personal!
  7. All congregations with serious flaws are considered to be in danger despite the good qualities they might have (Revelation 2:5; 2:18; 3:3).
  8. Congregations we consider impressive and strong often aren’t (Revelation 3:1; 3:17).
  9. Congregations that we may consider small and unimportant are precious to God (Revelation 3:8-10).
  10. Christ’s promises are for those individuals who overcome.
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