Technicalities and Taking Sides

by Andy Diestelkamp

If we learn anything from what is revealed about many of the Jewish leaders of Jesus' day, it is that there is a human tendency to justify ourselves based on technicalities, which some imagine as justifying their beliefs or behaviors ... and they were wrong.

In their confrontations with Christ, we also learn that humility was not characteristic of their methods (with Nicodemus being a notable exception). Their sects' traditions and talking points became the litmus tests by which others were judged as sons of the kingdom or deceivers. Jesus did not measure up to their standards and was crucified for it.

Let saints beware of the tendency to be sectarian in our thinking. We see this carnally manifested in modern politics enough to know that such ugliness has no place among those who identify with Jesus Christ.

Regardless of who is writing or what the issue is, take sides with Jesus and nobody else. Was your man treated unfairly? Be humble and side with Jesus. Did some malign your attempt to stand for truth? Be humble and hold fast to Jesus. Do some persecute you for your efforts to correct? Be humble and treat your brother or enemy with love as Jesus did.

The technicalities used to defend or justify our words or actions often prove to be more divisive than unifying. Beware of taking sides in such conflicts, or you risk being identified by the technicalities rather than by Jesus as Lord.

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