Since my husband returned from overseas, he hasn’t come home. He wants a divorce. Does this mean I can’t remarry?


I hope this email finds you in great strength and faith.

I spoke with you months ago about my marriage to a man who had just left to go overseas with the Air Force. He has come back home and hasn't made any attempt to see or talk to me.  So I definitely want to honor his wish to get a divorce.  But I have one question: does this mean that I am not to marry again?


The simplest solution is just calmly and politely ask: "For my own peace of mind, is there someone else whom you rather be with?" Likely the answer is "yes" since he would be living somewhere. If my guess is correct, then you would be free to remarry since he isn't honoring his vows (Matthew 5:32; 19:9).

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