Should I hone my skills as an empath?


I wanted to ask some questions about being an empath. Would it be a bad idea to hone my skills? What does the Bible say about empaths? I know it speaks poorly of psychics, so I was wondering what if you were born a natural psychic? (I'm no psychic, just curious.) Also, chakras and auras do not exist, right? I'm confused as to what is right and wrong according to what the Bible says. Thanks again. I'm happy to speak to a pastor (are you a pastor?) seeing that I do not go to church.


The Bible uses the word "pastor" for an elder or bishop in the church. I have served as an elder in the past, but I am not currently an elder. What I am is a preacher. (For more details see: Pastors and Preachers.)

What the Bible teaches is that all claims of special powers not from God, such as being a psychic, are false. See Are psychics real? An empath is "(chiefly in science fiction) A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual" [Google Dictionary]. Notice that even in this definition, there is the acknowledgment that the claim is fictional.

Right and wrong are not hard to understand in the Bible. Claiming to be an empath is wrong because it is not true, and lying is wrong. Desiring to be an empath is an attempt to say you have powers beyond other people. That is a form of pride and personal pride is wrong.

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