Should I continue a relationship with someone of a different religion?


I am involved with a young lady who is of a different denomination (AME). We've had a relationship for four years and have yet to make any decision on our future. She is convinced she saved but does not want to attend the Church of Christ because it is boring or does not appeal to her because of the teachings (baptism saves you, singing without instruments, sisters roles in the church, etc.). I am concerned for her and am beginning to realize that maybe this is not the relationship I should continue on with. Is there any advice you can give (i.e. unequally yoked, don't associate with sinners, marrying a


Let me ask you a simple question: If you married this woman, what church would your children attend?

Most people are willing to compromise their faith enough to marry someone who does not believe the same as they do, but when it comes to the future of their children -- well, that is an entirely different matter. Children raised in a home where the parents do not agree about religion are very likely to decide against all religion when they grow up.

The reason for dating a person is to find a suitable mate for marriage. The reason for marrying a person is to find a lifetime companion to whom you are committed (Genesis 2:18). Yet at this time when the two of you ought to be putting your best foot forward to impress one another, you tell me that you already have irreconcilable differences. How will this create a foundation for a peaceful and loving home? Will you be able to honor your wife if you believe that she is going against the will of God (I Peter 3:7)?

Too often people allow themselves to be deceived into thinking that the difference that can't be worked out now will somehow be worked out after marriage. Such almost never happens. If you don't respect her and love her as she is today, then you are chasing after the wrong woman. Yes, some times people do make changes in their life, but how do you know she will be one of them? Are you willing to risk the happiness of the rest of your life for the hopes that she might change?

In I Corinthians 6, Paul scolds some members for seeing prostitutes. He points out that a sexual relationship binds people together, but Christians are already bound to the Lord (I Corinthians 6:15-17). While your friend is much more honorable than a harlot, still the point remains. You have dedicated your life to the Lord when you took on the name Christian and followed Him into the watery grave. Your friend isn't so committed to the Lord and wants to argue about many of the Lord's commands. Should the two of you be bound together?

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