Should I be friends with an annoying person?


In math class, there is a student who is kind of annoying, but very social and has other friends. He wants to be friends with me, but he annoys me, or maybe it's just his way of being a friend. For example, the last time I saw him he wanted to use every electronic device I had in my backpack. When I said I didn't have any he tugs on my backpack to check because he knows I am lying. Now I am not sure whether I should be his friend or not for the rest of the year. Although if I become his friend I would have him as a partner in math class and it would be a great gateway to his other friends that like my personality and always say "Hi" to me when we accidentally bump into each other, in school and out. Now I am not sure about what to do. Should I be his friend or not? I mean he is annoying sometimes and sometimes he is serious. If I don't, I'll never have a math partner or friends I can hang out with after school.


Being a friend means you like someone's company and that you share yourself with them. You are correct that some people don't know how to be friendly and they will do odd things to get your attention. I can't say if this is what this boy is doing or not. However, you brought some of the problems upon yourself by lying. All you had to say was, "I don't want to get my stuff out right now" and he might have accepted your word. But you told him a lie and he figured out that it was a lie. Now he won't always accept what you say because he knows you don't always tell the truth.

Your reason for wanting to be friends with this boy is not the greatest. You don't seem to be interested in him. You are only looking at what he can do for you. You can be friendly with everyone, but the people whom you call your friends should be people whom you like for who they are. You should not be looking at people for what you can get from them.

But even if you don't like someone well enough to be friends, you still can be friendly to him.

There is also something else to consider. One boy does not control who is or is not friends with other people. If others like your personality, then talk to them.

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