Should a person go to deliverance services?


What's you take on deliverance? Do you think it's advisable for a person to go to deliverance services? Once someone gives their life to Christ do they need deliverance? I am asking this on behalf of my friend.


Deliverance services are not mentioned in the Bible, which should begin to give you a hint. Not having a biblical definition, I did some research and found that these are services where people claim to remove demons from a person's life. That then leads to an obvious question: Are demons still possessing people today? See Demoniacs for an explanation of why God says they no longer happen. Even if you insist that demon possession must continue today, it would still leave unanswered how a demon could take possession of a child of God. See: How can I overcome the fear of being possessed by a demon? for a discussion of this topic.

People who claim to be removing demons from a person's life are basically playing on people's fears while practicing fakery.

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