Preaching the Bloody Bible

by Ralph Walker

There are portions of the Bible which trouble even the most faith-filled of us – stories of blood, brutality, and barbarism. Those stories and commands provide opportunities for the enemies of God to attack His goodness and ethics. This series explores some of those troubling passages. These lessons are provocative and intense but aim at the core of who God is.

  1. Uzzah and the Ark
    Was he really executed for an involuntary reflexive action?
  2. Remember Lot's Wife
    Was her death an unfair result of a simple reflexive action?
  3. Holy War
    How could a just God order His people to slaughter whole nations, including women and children?
  4. Noah and the Flood
    A worldwide flood? Destroying all humans except eight people? Seriously?
  5. Elisha's She Bears
    Did the prophet really unleash two bears to kill a host of little boys? For making fun of his baldness? How sensitive can a prophet be?
  6. Nadab and Abihu and Strange Fire
    Did God execute these two over a simple exchange of fire? Fire is fire, isn't it?
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