Praise the Lord!

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Psalms 113


I.         What, exactly, is meant when someone says, “Praise the Lord!”?

            A.        Do you go around saying “Praise the Lord!” once in a while?

            B.        When something nice happens to a friend, do you respond with “Praise the Lord!”?

            C.        Often words and phrases are used with little thought as to what is actually said or meant.

II.        Definition of “praise”

            A.        In the Old Testament, there are several related words that are translated as “praise’

                        1.         tehillah, which literally means "to cause to shine."

                        2.         Thus, praise is giving glory to God - Psalms 40:3

                        3.         Tehillah comes from a root word, halal, which literally means to shine, to flash forth light. It can be translated as to boast, to exult, or to praise.

                        4.         Psalms 113 - God’s reputation is caused to shine by people exulting the things that God has done.

            B.        In the New Testament, several related words are used: ainos, aineo, ainesis

                        1.         The words mean to tell a story; in this case, telling a story that exults the things God has done - Luke 18:43

                        2.         Another word is eulogeo, which literally means to speak good of another.

                                    a.         Zecharias, after his voice was restored - Luke 1:64

                        3.         Megaluno means to make great by words - Acts 19:17

                        4.         Doxa is what you think about another person; in other words, their reputation. In reference to God, it is giving Him glory and honor - Romans 11:36

            C.        “Praise” is not an empty word of emotion. It is telling the stories of God’s great works that show His marvelous deed to other people.

III.       Psalms 111

            A.        I will tell my appreciation of God to others - Psalms 111:1

            B.        God’s works are to be studied - Psalms 111:2

                        1.         It is something we can spend eternity trying to understand - Ecclesiastes 3:11

                        2.         How great are God’s works! - Psalms 92:5-6

            C.        God’s greatest work is His righteousness that is eternal - Psalms 111:3

            D.        His works are to be remembered - Psalms 111:4

                        1.         Psalms 145:1-7

            E.        God cares for His people - Psalms 111:5-6

                        1.         Matthew 6:25-34 - God watches and cares

                        2.         He keeps His word - Psalms 89:34

            F.        God’s laws, His work, is truth and justice - Psalms 111:7-8

                        1.         Echoed in Revelation 15:3-4

                        2.         God’s perfect work - Deuteronomy 32:4

            G.        God has redeemed us - Psalms 111:9

                        1.         Ephesians 1:7 - Redemption through the blood of Jesus

                        2.         A most precious gift - I Peter 1:18-20

            H.        It all starts with fearing God - Psalms 111:10

                        1.         Proverbs 9:10

                        2.         His teachings equip us - II Timothy 3:16-17

                        3.         A blessing to do His commands - Revelation 22:14

IV.      Praise the Lord! Tell the world of His marvels - Mark 16:15

            A.        It is the good news of the power of salvation - Romans 1:16

            B.        Romans 8:31-39

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