Peace, Perfect Peace

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: James 3:13-18


I.         Peace is a commodity much desired and rarely found

            A.        As Christians we are told to live in peace - II Corinthians 13:11

            B.        God is a God of peace - Philippians 4:7

            C.        So we expect that those following His teachings find peace - Galatians 5:22-23

            D.        The problem is that the world seeks peace, often at any cost.

                        1.         All types of peace are not the same.

                        2.         All peace is not equally valuable

II.        The Paradox of Peace

            A.        Jesus is the prince of peace

                        1.         As foretold - Isaiah 9:6-7

                        2.         At his birth, he would be a guide to peace - Luke 1:79

                        3.         But a peace different from what the world can give - John 14:27

            B.        But Jesus also brought conflict

                        1.         Jesus did not come to bring peace on earth - Luke 12:51-53

            C.        The paradox is resolved when we consider between which groups of people peace does or does not exist

                        1.         Peace exists between believers but not with the world - John 16:33

                        2.         Peace between the believer and God - Romans 5:1

                        3.         Conflict comes between truth and unrighteousness - John 3:19-21

                        4.         The God of peace will crush Satan - Romans 16:20

III.       The Product of Peace

            A.        Uniting Nations - Ephesians 2:14-18

                        1.         In order to accomplish this, the Old Law which made a distinction between Jew and Gentile had to be removed

                        2.         Allowing Jew and Gentile to come together in one household - Ephesians 2:19-22

            B.        Uniting Man With His God

                        1.         The Gospel preaches peace through Jesus - Acts 10:36

                        2.         By Jesus’ death we are reconciled to God - Colossians 1:20

                        3.         When we believe, we are filled with peace - Romans 15:13

                        4.         An unbreakable union with God - Romans 8:31-39

IV.      The Manifestation of Peace

            A.        A Christian’s peace is rooted in his relationship with God. Along with love and joy it flows from within the heart to be seen by all

                        1.         Spiritually minded is peace - Romans 8:6

                        2.         Letting God rule in our hearts - Colossians 3:15

                        3.         A desire to live peaceably with everyone - Romans 12:18

                        4.         Striving to keep the unity of believers - Ephesians 4:1-3

            B.        We need to pursue the things that make peace - Romans 14:19

                        1.         That is the teaching of the Gospel of peace - Philippians 4:9

                        2.         That teaching will create conflict with unbelievers, but it bring lovers of truth into union with God.

V.        We manifest peace because of the peace given to us by God

            A.        We are reconciled with God, no longer in conflict, no longer in guilt, no longer in sin

            B.        We desire that all men share that same peace in their lives

            C.        With such a gift, who would want to return to the conflicts of the world?

                        1.         The hates us because we are different - John 15:19

                        2.         They don’t know the way of peace - Romans 3:17

            D.        James 3:13-18

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