My parents won’t approve of my marriage. What do I do?


Please, I am 23 and my girlfriend is 21. We are both Christians and do not do any silly thing that God is against. My parents are not Christians and uneducated but have put in all efforts for me to get a formal education. My problem is that they won't endorse my relationship with my girlfriend just because she has no formal education. Though she has no formal education, we are in love. She is brilliant and has good moral ethics. Do I have to break up with her just because she has no formal education? She has noticed changes in my behavior. I am crazy about it and do not know how to explain this to her. I can't eat or sleep well any longer. I am always thinking and growing lean. I do not know what to do, so please help me.


There is no requirement that regarding education. Nor does God require that you have to have your parents' approval, though that is always something good to have. The concept that marriages must be pre-approved by parents is local customs. For example, in India, it has its roots in Hinduism, not in Christianity.

If you decide to marry your girlfriend, that will be your decision and hers. Hopefully, your parents will approve. If they don't, then you will have to continue your life without their aid. I would rather that you got their approval but don't think that it is absolutely essential. God said that a man must first leave his father and mother (Genesis 2:24). You have to become independent so that you can establish your own family.

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