My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married and have a family, but I do


My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now. We are still young, in our early twenties, and have different goals in our life. We both live with his parents, in separate rooms of course, but I am ready to take the next step of commitment in our lives. I told my boyfriend that I want to get married, live on our own, and start a family one day. My boyfriend stated he doesn't want to get married or have children one day. He has been in a rough patch due to not being able to find the correct career path that he believes God has in store for him. I try so hard to support him and pray for him through all of his decisions. I am very lost and hurt that he does not want to get married or ever have our own family. Please help! I do not see myself being with anyone else, but these goals are very important to me in the future. What do I do?


A common mistake people make is trying to make another person into someone they are not. Your boyfriend is not interested in marriage or having a family. Typically that means he is content with the sex he gets, though you are telling me that the two of you live in separate rooms. I hope that also means you are also not having sex. But regardless, his desires are not yours, and continuing this situation is not going to change things.

As nice as this young man may be, it is time for you to move out on your own or move back in with your parents. It is time for you to start looking for a man who is interested in a family and you won't find him while living in the home of another man.

It is hard realizing you've made a mistake in choosing a boyfriend, but it is better to find out now than later. You have to see a person for who they are and not for who you wish them to be.

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