Jesus is the “I AM”

I.          Many religions cast doubts on the deity of Jesus

             A.         Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that Jesus is the first creation of God.

             B.         Muslims see Jesus as nothing more than a significant prophet, much like Moses.

             C.         Probably the best analysis of who is Jesus is found in the book of John.

II.         The evidence in John

             A.         The Word was God - John 1:1-5, 10-12, 14

                          1.          Everything was created by the Word.

                          2.          The world was made by the Light.

                          3.          That same God dwelt among us as a man

             B.         Jesus’ omnipresence - John 1:45-49

                          1.          Jesus saw an event were he was not present physically

                          2.          Nathaniel realized the full significance of Jesus’ ability.

                          3.          This was later demonstrated at Lazarus’ death - John 11:3-15

             C.         Jesus knew the hearts of men - John 2:24

                          1.          This is a claim of omniscience

                          2.          Jesus knew the past of people he only just met - John 4:17-18, 28-29

                          3.          Jesus healed without being present - John 4:47-53

                                       a.          Not only was the healing done, but Jesus knew the results without being present.

                                       b.          Another sign that he was all-knowing.

             D.         Jesus’ claim of being the son of God made him equal to God - John 5:17-18

                          1.          His statement indicates that God as well as he was working to sustain the world, even as they spoke.

                          2.          Colossians 1:17 - In Jesus all things hold together

             E.         The power of Jesus

                          1.          In John 6, Jesus demonstrates his power over creation by feeding five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes and still having 12 baskets of leftovers.

                          2.          He also walks on water during a storm in John 6

                          3.          He raises Lazarus from the dead in John 11.

                          4.          This is the claim of omnipotent

             F.         He claimed to come from heaven - John 6:38, 41-42, 46-51

                          1.          Not only this, but Jesus makes an even stronger claim of seeing God the Father

                          2.          A similar claim later caused the Jews to attempt to kill him - John 7:28-29

             G.         Jesus claimed to be “I AM”

                          1.          God identified himself as “I AM” to Moses - Exodus 3:14

                          2.          John 8:23-24 - Notice that the “he” was added by the translators. Jesus said he was not from this world and that we must believe that he is “I AM”.

                          3.          John 8:50-59 - The Jews understood this.

                          4.          After washing the disciple’s feet, Jesus tells the future events so that they will believe that he is “I AM”. - John 13:18-19

                          5.          This explains why those who came to arrest Jesus fell on the ground before him - John 18:3-8

                                       a.          The very statement of his name caused even the wicked to bow before him.

III.        Truly was Jesus the fullness of deity in bodily form - Colossians 2:9

             A.         His name is Immanuel - “God with us” - Matthew 1:23

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