I’ve suffered from OCD too


I was searching for answers to my mental condition, and I came across your site. I read the story of a person who was worried about a certain problem. I've suffered the same thing since 2007. I've been on medication since then. The medication does help, but it's not a cure for OCD thoughts, and sometimes voices and visions still happen. I've spent probably four months in a mental health facility.

I just wanted to say that you are right about what the other person was worried about. I do the same. My dad, who passed away a number of years ago, was a pastor and he told me the same -- that just the fact I'm so worried about it proves that I'm OK. I could go on about some of the things he has helped me with that can only prove that God exists.

I wanted to send this to the person who keeps sending messages asking if he is OK. I can say for a fact he is. I don't know if he or she can see this, but I hope if the person does, that it helps, but it is a struggle. You just have to keep going and keep in mind: if you're worried your fine. The fact you are so worried means you will never be able to do such a thing.

Thanks for your post. It helped me. I didn't know it even had a name or that so many people suffer from it.



I'm glad you found encouragement in the answer.

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