It is clear that masturbation is sinful. Why are you saying it is not?


If you truly search the heart and mind of God and the Scriptures it is clear that masturbation is a sin. Sex outside of marriage is a sin. Period. That's how the Word of God defines it. Go a little deeper, please! Just because the Bible does not mention not to do something does not mean it is OK. This is a silly argument. Just because it doesn't explicitly say not to use heroine, is it OK to do heroin? Is it biblical just to do whatever our body tells us? What if I say my body needs heroin? Is it OK to do it? Maybe I could use self-control and only use heroin once a week. This is a bad argument and does not hold up to the teachings of Scripture. You are giving permission for people to live in their prison of sin. This is coming from someone who was in this prison. God's love truly is enough to set his people free.


Heroin is wrong because:

  • Christians are to be sober (I Thessalonians 5:8).
  • The use of drugs is implied as being wrong in the disapproval of sorcery. See: Recreational Drug Use Is Sinful
  • It is physically addictive (II Peter 2:19).

There is no built-in need for consuming heroin. It is an acquired dependency.

God said not to add or take away from His teaching (Deuteronomy 12:32; Galatians 1:6-10).  Therefore to declare masturbation is sinful, you need to prove this from the Scriptures, either directly or by it being included in some broader command. While you assert that masturbation is a sin, you give no evidence from God that it is. That is adding to God's Word.

The male body is designed with a requirement to ejaculate periodically. Once the seminal vesicles start, the typical male needs to ejaculate anywhere from once every few days to once a month. This is just a physical fact. It is not an acquired dependency; it is the way God designed the male body.

Pornography is sinful. Lusting after sex outside of marriage is sinful. Thus masturbating to either of these things is sinful, not because of the masturbation but because of the pornography or lustful thoughts. Just as other things which are neither sinful nor righteous can be turned sinful by the motives of the person, such as looking at a woman.

My goal is to teach what God said as clearly and as accurately as I can. It is because people use their own thoughts and feelings on various matters that people draw incorrect conclusions. It doesn't take a person long to realize that there are a lot of young men who are convinced that they are sinful and cannot be saved simply because they are unable to keep from ejaculating.

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