Is cigar smoking wrong?


I saw your articles on smoking. I have always believed heavy smoking is bad when it is something done constantly. Actually I hate cigarettes and the only time I do smoke is about three times a year. I have a cigar with one of my best friends as we sit down talk until late hours of the morning. I do believe deliberately harming your body is stupid, like cutting yourself. I always wondered whether cigars were wrong since you're not supposed to inhale. Some people do that have a habit of smoking but usually people puke.

I honestly have liked the smell of cigars since I was little. Kind of the same thing with gasoline, you like the smell, you don't know why but you like it. I no longer like the smell of gasoline but I used to. But I will be honest, I like the taste of cigars, but I am not a chain smoker. Though I know that doesn't change the facts about smoking, don't get me wrong.

But, for example, in certain Muslim countries, they will smoke a pipe. The use of it is more of a social event of guys getting together if I remember correctly. Now they might not know the dangers of smoking, I know that it harms the body, but it always comes to mind is so does fast food and pop. How bad is it for the body? You can literally live without fast food or pop and it would be the best thing for you. Does smoking fall in that category of not being abused, or does it fall under a different category because it's not food?

I was wondering your thoughts are on all this. I know smoking three times a year isn't going to affect my health. But then again I still would like an opinion on it to see it from different eyes.

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