In the Hour of Trial

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Luke 22:54-62


I.         Without a doubt, Peter loved Jesus

            A.        When others sat in the boat in fear, it was Peter who wanted to go out to meet Jesus - Matthew 14:28-31

            B.        When Jesus spoke of his abandonment on the Mount of Olives - Matthew 26:31-32

                        1.         Specifically Jesus told Peter that he was praying for him - Luke 22:31-33

                        2.         But there was no way Peter could imagine himself abandoning his Lord - Luke 22:33-34

                        3.         It may have led to Peter’s poor attempt to protect Jesus - John 18:7-12

            C.        Peter really wanted to know what would happen to Jesus - John 18:15-18

                        1.         He wanted to remain unnoticed, but others recognized him - Luke 22:54-60

                        2.         So focused was Peter on not being recognized, he forgot what Jesus had said, and he forgot his promise.

                        3.         But when the rooster crowed, Jesus just turned and looked at Peter - Luke 22:61

                        4.         Can you imagine the shock, the disappointment, the grief that sweep through Peter? - Luke 22:62

II.        What would I do in the face of danger?

            A.        It is far too easy to shake our heads in sympathy of Peter’s failure while living a good life sheltered from persecution

            B.        The song “In the Hour of Trial” brings the story of Peter and a drops it into our laps (read verse 1)

            C.        Peter did not leave the Lord, despite his denials and his grief at his sin.

                        1.         Jesus said that when he returned, he had work awaiting him - Luke 22:32

                        2.         Jesus had Peter declare his love three times, one for each denial - John 21:14-17

                                    a.         Notice that once again, it hurt Peter but in a different way

                        3.         And Peter was granted to speak the first gospel sermon to open the kingdom to the world

III.       But there are other dangers that may pull us away from our Lord, such as worldly pleasures

            A.        (Read verse 2 in “In the Hour of Trial.”)

            B.        Moses becomes the example - Hebrews 11:24-26

            C.        The “rewards” of sin are deceptive - Proverbs 11:18

                        1.         They don’t last and end suddenly - Psalms 73:18-20

IV.      Suffering from God’s mercy

            A.        (Read verse 3 in “In the Hour of Trial.”)

            B.        We usually think of suffering as a punishment, but the author reminds us that there are times when suffering is a benefit

                        1.         Sorrow can keep us grounded and focused - Ecclesiastes 7:2-4

                        2.         But it will only work if we see the benefit and not give up

            C.        Paul is our example here - II Corinthians 10:7-10

V.        The last mile of life’s way

            A.        (Read verse 4 in “In the Hour of Trial.”)

            B.        Remember the Creator before the end - Ecclesiastes 13:6-7

            C.        Be faithful to the end - Revelation 2:10

            D.        As Jesus told the disciples - Matthew 10:22

            E.        We will be rewarded if we don’t grow weary - Galatians 6:9

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