If matter is amoral then atheists don’t have an explanation for where morals come from


I have followed your website for many years. I have been a member of the Lord's church for nearly fifty years. I have learned many things in life but my greatest knowledge is of God's most Holy Word.

Anyway, I have found your article on "The Failure of Moral Relativism" to be very well written and informative.

What I'd like to add to your article is the fact that matter, from which all life is made, is amoral. Since it is amoral, then the evolutionary process would need another source for morals to be incorporated into our beings. Simply having a brain would not give human beings the building blocks necessary to develop morals when the building blocks of matter, needed for the human evolutionary process, are void of morals.

We know that morals came from God Almighty, but there are those who love the freedom that having no belief in God brings them -- no matter how short-lived that "freedom" may be. I personally believe that the real reason atheists believe the way they do is not because they cannot physically witness God or the things He does or has done. I believe that atheists believe the way they do because they don't want to answer for any of their actions, which is what wicked mankind has wanted to believe from the beginning.

Thank you kindly for your time.


You are correct, atheism has no explanation for morality. It clearly exists in the world but physical matter and evolution cannot explain its existence. And as you noted, heeding atheism and evolution leads people to become immoral. You may also be interested in The Faith of an Atheist.

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