I was beginning to despair of people turning churches into places to make money until I saw your website


I would like to thank you. I was having a people failure at some of the things I have been seeing people and churches do. They say they are Christians, but they seem to think it is OK to still sin in so many areas. The churches are selling items, food, and all sorts of things instead of worshiping our Lord and Savior. I was beginning to feel so alone. I tell people the only time Jesus showed anger was when he saw people disrespecting the house of God. This was really affecting how I was feeling about people and churches around me. When I go into the house of the Lord all I want to do is worship him not buy CDs and have dinner (for sale of course). I have not been able to find my home because of these things but I will be patient and wait on the lord. It was refreshing finding your website.


I'm glad you found the website useful. If you need help locating a sound church in your area, just let me know what town you are near.

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