I want to spread your information on alcohol to others!


I would like to spread this information on alcohol through a billboard, radio, television campaign!

What great information!  Unbelievable!  What a gift from God!  I am so glad I found this comprehensive information on wine with reference to how it is translated and written in the Bible!  Thank you to all who took the time to put that together!

I want to gather more info and ideas for effective ads!  I honestly would love to see a healthier America with far fewer drunk driver deaths, wife beatings from drunkenness, child abuse from drunkenness, personal misery from drunkenness, etc.

In about four months, I will have funds to promote this -- including starting a foundation to gather further funds!  I may put a few million into it myself and put together a team to raise many times more than that amount!

Thanks again to whoever, or everyone, who put that page together about wine!  The church of Christ is awesome to do that!


I'm glad you found the information useful in your life and I'm even happier that you want to spread it to others. I pray that your chosen project is successful.

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