I want to compliment you on your answers on spanking



I wanted to compliment you on your answers on spanking. I am not a believer in any faith, but I have my own feeling about morality and social beliefs. I keep hearing about "all these religious people who beat their kids." Well, I was spanked as a boy, and I spanked my daughter when she deserved it. I am proud to say I only had to give her five spankings and now she is in college on scholarships doing very well.

I read a lot of your answers on spanking and found them to be so very thoughtful and fair and right to the point. I have read other ministers' positions on spanking and found them to be "spank all the time no matter what." You have looked deeply into this very controversial subject and I believe you have the right answers. I found I did not disagree with you on any of the answers I read.  If I ever get asked again by someone if they should spank their kids, I will refer them to your answers.


I thank you for the encouragement. Spanking has its place in raising children, and it can be misused -- both by those who think every disagreement has to be met with a spanking and by those who think that no punishment should ever be given. When used properly spanking tends to be rarely needed and almost never needed as the child grows up. It isn't that I'm a genius in child-rearing, I simply teach what God has already taught. I hope the answers here intrigue you enough to look more into the Scriptures and find the wealth of common sense advice that is found on its pages.

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