I want to change from being a sinner to living a holy life, but I don’t know when or how to start. Can you help me?



I want to change from being a sinner to living a holy life, but I don't know when or how to start. Can you help me? The thing is I've asked God for repentance two or three times before, and then there comes along a test, and I always fail them. Suddenly I start to give up and going back to being a sinner.

God knows I'm trying and wants to change because He even gave me a Bible (a New Testament) for Christmas. He wants me to know His word. He wants me to change now. I'm trying to stop all the stealing, pornography, profanities, and also act a bit more mature. God is working with me because He is putting me in places so I could hear lectures and His word about life from other people who are not even Christians themselves because I was too blind to hear them myself from Him.

Jesus is reaching his hand to save me; he's knocking, but I'm not opening. This time I want to open my heart to him. I want to change now, I cannot wait any longer. I want my name to be written in the Book of Life, so I can live an eternal life with God and His Lamb.

Please, I hear that you're a preacher yourself. When can I start and how? Should I ask for repentance again? Should I get Baptist? I go to church by the way. Please answer me back soon as possible, and God bless you.


Being a Christian means constantly growing and improving yourself. If you are thinking that becoming a Christian will instantly make you a good person, then you will be sadly disappointed. There is nothing that will instantly change you. Instead, it is a matter of seeing a problem and then working on making changes. Some will be straight forward and others will take a good bit of effort.

The best time to start is immediately. The sooner that you start battling sin, the easier it becomes to win. I don't agree with denominations of any sort. God wants people to become Christians and you learn straight from your Bible. First, I want you to read What Must I Do to be Saved? Look up all the verses. It might take a while if you aren't used to finding verses in your Bible. Honestly look at what you have done and think about whether it matches what you read in your Bible.

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