Just to let you know I don’t care for your new format. I loved the old one. Is there any way to use that old data?

Thank you for all the years I’ve used your site.


It is nice to know that you liked the original design since I hand created it for the site. My difficulty is that the site has become so large that it is now difficult to make changes, especially the changes need to keep up with the current standards, such as dynamically changing the content layout to deal with a large variety of screen sizes. Any change I made required about 3-4 hours to reload the site because every page has to be reformatted.

The new site is not where I would like it to be. I'm using a number of off-the-shelf tools to approximate what I had in the old site. However, the big advantage I now have is the flexibility to make changes and have them immediately implemented. I will continue to tweak the site to get it into better shape. If you have specific suggestions about what you miss from the old site, I would like to hear about it and see if I can implement the same features in the new site. What I can't do is go back.

New posts are only being added to the new site, but the old site remains available until I get everything switched over. At my current rate, it will probably be another two years. You can reach it from the link at the bottom of every page on the new site.

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