I find that I’m pregnant after having a child seven months ago. Should I get an abortion?


Greetings brother,

I am 29 years old and a member of the Lord's Church. I got pregnant last year and God blessed us with a healthy baby boy, but I went through a C-section. Now the baby is 7 months old and I am pregnant again. Sir, my husband and I follow the Bible and we do not agree about aborting the fetus and not bothering what society will say. But my problem is: How can I manage my baby, my own body, and also my husband's financial conditions, which are not good? There is no one here to take care of my baby, and we do not agree to introduce artificial foods to the baby. We had decided to have only one baby and will give him natural foods, secular study, and will help him to be a preacher in the Lord's Church. Sir, I am unable to understand what to do. I have already studied your article on abortion. Please reply to me as soon as possible. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thank You.


You don't fix a problem with sin. "And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), "Let us do evil that good may come"? Their condemnation is just" (Romans 3:8). Murdering your own child (not fetus) is not a solution to any difficulties. You cannot justify murder by saying you are going to raise your current child to be a preacher (which would be his choice and not yours anyway).

I know you feel overwhelmed, but you are not the first woman to face this problem, nor will you be the last. The fact is that you have a child and have one on the way, so you need to plan on how to adapt to the situation. If you and your husband do not want any additional children, then one of you needs to take steps to be sterilized or practice contraception carefully.


Greeting brother,

I am happy that you replied sir. But as a elder person please clearly suggest me what should I do for the present situation. It is better that you explain me according to the Bible and my husband and me will also think about it.

Please reply me early sir.


This is interesting. I did explain to you the situation and the Bible was referenced. I am left to conclude that since it wasn't the answer you desired, you decided it wasn't good enough. I will attempt this one more time.

  • Abortion is the murder of a child. Calling your child a fetus does not change this truth. See Thoughts on Abortion.
  • Problems are not solved by using sin. You don't fix the problem that you find this child to be an inconvenience by murdering the child. See Romans 3:8.
  • While you complain about the gift of a child that God has given you, there is also the fact that neither you nor your husband took steps to avoid the conception of a child.

Thus, you must adapt to the fact that you will soon have a second child. Life might become a bit more difficult. You may not be able to afford as many luxuries, but enjoy the life that you have.

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