I don’t think I should get the vaccine


Hi Mr. Jeff,

Good day to you and everyone in the church. My spirit is deeply troubled. I want to get some advice.

I have this strong conviction in my heart and conscience not to take the vaccine. It is not because of thoughts that it's the mark of the beast or fear of its side effects. I have a strong conviction that I don't feel like having it enter the temple that was given to me. I have read the book of Revelations and it is clear to me that it is not. I have this conviction in me that I am being prepared for a tribulation that requires a certain stand.

I always cry to God and talk to Jesus because being vaccinated is now a requirement in our company. Everyone is telling me I am not thinking properly of the work that I might lose or the opportunity I will waste just because of getting rid of the vaccine. The cost of not taking it is my job. I am in a foreign land so going back to my country would be a problem for me.

I also feel, on the other hand, that I have to see my father. I am the only one in my family that have already accepted Jesus as savior.

I am receiving affirmations about this conviction but my environment is pushing so much.

Can you pray for me? And give me some light?


Vaccines have been around since 1798. The basic theory is to train the body to take a natural response to a virus by introducing a weakened form of the virus. The body learns to attack the virus so when the real virus comes, the body responds before major damage is done by the virus.

The decision to accept or reject vaccination is an individual one. Your choice will have consequences. In your case, your employer is making having received the vaccination a condition of employment. If you decide not to be vaccinated, then you will likely lose your job. But understand that it was your choice.

Right now you are not accepting responsibility for your personal decisions. You are basing your decision on your feelings, even though feelings are often wrong (Proverbs 28:26). Somehow you are trying to also say that God doesn't want you to get a vaccine. You vaguely used I Corinthians 6:19-20, but this passage is about not polluting the temple of God with sin. It has nothing to do with vaccinations.

The choice is your own. There is no religious reason to get the vaccine or to decline to receive the vaccine. Either choice is not wrong.

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