How do you find so many people to post such in-depth articles daily?


While surfing the net, I discovered your postings.  I read them with great interest.  Are you affiliated with any particular church denomination?  How can you find so many qualified people to post on-target and in-depth articles daily?  I doubt they have a full-time job anywhere else.


The church is not part of a denomination. We strive to live solely by the teachings in the Bible and, thus, consider ourselves a part of Christ's one church (Ephesians 4:4-6) and not a division from it, which is what "denomination" means. See Who We Are.

This website was started in the spring of 2003. With twenty years of posting, it does accumulate. Most of the answers to questions are written by me (Jeffrey Hamilton) unless signed by someone else. The articles come from a variety of sources -- mostly preachers, both past and present. I try to add one or two things to the site each day.

I am a full-time preacher, though I supplement my income with a part-time job or two.



Thanks.  Keep up the good work.

God said it.  I believe it.  That settles it.

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