How can you say there is no symbolic meaning in the name “Hebron?”


In light of II Samuel 5, I do not understand how you can say that the meaning of the word "Hebron" has no symbolic or deeper meaning in the Bible.  Since David ruled from there for 7 1/2 years and then the leaders of the tribes asked him to unite Israel and rule over the entire kingdom, which he did for 33 more years, thus uniting them. Your web site states that the meaning of the word Hebron is to unite join an association or company.  How could you miss this if you know Scripture?

And also in light of the situation today in Israel, since Hebron is the burial place for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as their respective wives, and they are important people in both the Torah and the Koran. This town is the sight of vehement hatred and fighting daily.  How ironic that it is called the Town of Allies or Joining. You see no symbolic meaning or symbolism?  I strongly disagree.


I find it amusing that you cite my brief article on Hebron and then claim I missed the points I brought up in the article.

As pointed out previously, Hebron was founded before the Israelites entered the land of Canaan. There is no indication that the founders of the city named the city because of prophecy. There is no indication that the events which took place in and near the city were done so because of the name of the city. So, yes, David did reign seven and half years in Hebron while Israel was divided, but, no, the city wasn't selected because of its name.

You find irony in the fact that its current condition is at odds with its name. Yet, the fact remains that it is not the only place in the Israel or Palestine area that facing discord. Nor is there any prophecy in the Bible regarding its future status. Nor did the writers of the Bible make use of Hebron's name or the city itself for allegorical or symbolic purposes.

It is nice that you can create symbolism from it, but it doesn't mean that it had those meanings in the Scriptures and my purpose on this site is to teach Scripture.

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