God Conscious

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Psalms 139


I.         A truly godly man lives with a constant realization of God’s divine presence

            A.        He is God conscious

            B.        When he awakes in the morning, there is God.

            C.        As he dresses for work, there is God.

            D.        As he goes in to breakfast with his family, as he drives to work, as he works through the day, as he drives home, as he spends the evening hours, as he lies down on his bed at the close of the day, there is God.

II.        Enoch walked with God - Genesis 5:24

            A.        He was God conscious. He enjoyed a constant companionship with God.

                        1.         Wherever Enoch went, God was with him and Enoch was always aware that He was there.

            B.        He could not flee from God’s presence - Psalms 139:7

                        1.         Nor would Enoch want to do so

            C.        He was a godly man

III.       Characteristics of a God conscious man

            A.        A man who develops a consciousness of God is a fortunate man

                        1.         It is easy for him to pray, for God is close to him. God is ever near - I John 3:22

                        2.         God is a companion whose ears are open to his prayers - I Peter 3:12

                        3.         Talking with God is as natural to such a man as talking with any companion.

                                    a.         Just as with Abraham - James 2:23

            B.        A godly man has no need to fear - Psalms 46:1-2

                        1.         He places his hand in God’s in times of trouble. - Psalms 56:4

                        2.         Even the threat of death causes no undue concern - Psalms 23:4

            C.        Satan’s power to tempt is greatly reduced

                        1.         The man conscious of God never forgets that God sees everything - Hebrews 4:13

                        2.         The desire to please God is greater than the power of temptation. Psalms 143:10-11

            D.        He is ever thankful.

                        1.         He recognizes that his God is the source of every good gift - James 1:17

IV.      But don’t mistake this as a buddy-buddy relationship

            A.        He loves God. He talks to God. He walks with God.

            B.        He is always conscious of God’s presence. He is never without God.

            C.        But his relationship with God is that of reverence - I Chronicles 29:11-15

                        1.         He recognizes God’s awesomeness. - Job 37:22-24

                        2.         He gratefully acknowledges his own personal unworthiness.

                        3.         Hebrews 12:28-29 - Serve God with reverence and awe

V.        How is your relationship with your Lord and Master?

            A.        Are you God conscious?

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