Garage Sale

by Carrey Scott

Every so often, I take the time to go to some garage sales. I am hoping to find something that someone else does not want, and buy it cheaper than I thought I wanted to pay for it originally. Many items you can get for pennies on the dollar.

What was it that turned these items into junk for these people? Was the product not as good as was advertised? Was the product truly a piece of junk? Or perhaps they found another toy to play with.

Some people treat their Christianity like that. They count the cost and decide to live for Jesus, then later on their souls do not seem to have the importance that they once had, and they trade them in on a new experience or revert back to their sinful lifestyle.

Still others, not willing to pay the true price of salvation, will look around for a cheaper version. One that does not require as much cost. By that, I mean that Jesus asked us to give Him our all (Luke 14:33), yet some choose to only give a portion that they are comfortable with. Sadly, there are many religious groups that cater to these types of people. They do not hold people accountable enough. They do not teach the truth enough. They tell people what they want to hear, and allow the cost to not be so burdensome on folks.

Please, do not treat your soul like this. It is your most valuable possession. Do not sell it for pennies on the dollar. Proverbs 23:23 reads in part: “buy the truth, and sell it not.” Your soul is too valuable to treat it like junk. Jesus died on the cross for you, and that shows that God thinks your soul is valuable. Let us help you realize the value of your soul, and help you to acquire salvation which is what God wants, and what Jesus died for.

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