Finding Grace

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Genesis 6:1-8


I.         Each time we choose to sin, we are rejecting the one who tells us not to sin.

            A.        It is something God has seen throughout man’s history

                        1.         Numbers 14:11 - Israel’s rebellion

                        2.         I Samuel 15:23 - Saul’s rebellion

                        3.         II Kings 17:15 - Israel’s rebellion

                        4.         It is why Israel fell - Isaiah 5:24; Jeremiah 6:19

                        5.         They elevated tradition over God’s law - Mark 7:9

            B.        It is something that continues today - I Thessalonians 4:7-8

            C.        How do you react when someone rejects your offers of help?

                        1.         It hurts because it is a rejection of you. It says you can’t satisfy their needs.

                        2.         Often our gut reaction is say “Fine! Then I don’t need you!”

                        3.         We seek vengeance for the slight - Romans 12:19

II.        Justice required that God does something about man’s rejection of what is best for man

            A.        God’s laws aren’t burdensome - I John 5:3

                        1.         God’s ways are pleasant - Proverbs 3:17

                        2.         Even the Old Law was given to benefit Israel - Deuteronomy 6:24

            B.        But when people reject God, He must reject them - Psalms 119:118

                        1.         God’s response to the rebellion in the wilderness - Numbers 14:34

                        2.         God’s response to Saul’s rebellion - I Samuel 15:26

                        3.         God’s response to Israel’s rebellion - II Kings 17:20

            C.        Even so, it doesn’t mean God liked it - Genesis 6:6

                        1.         It was true in the wilderness - Psalms 78:40

                        2.         It was true in their later rebellion - Isaiah 54:6

                        3.         And we should not grieve God today - Ephesians 4:28-30

III.       But Noah found grace - Genesis 6:8

            A.        People might think “grace” is a concept found only under the Law of Christ, but it wasn’t first found there.

                        1.         Anytime God decides to give less than man deserves, it is an act of mercy but it is also grace.

            B.        What caused Noah to receive grace that others did not? - Genesis 6:9

                        1.         God is willing to give grace to those who leave sin - Proverbs 28:13

                        2.         God is willing to forgive - Psalms 32:3-5

                        3.         It hasn’t changed - I John 1:8-10

            C.        It isn’t that Noah deserved God’s grace

                        1.         He sinned just like others, but his attitude toward sin and his desire to do right was different from the rest.

                        2.         We don’t deserve grace either - Philippians 3:9

                                    a.         Paul sinned, but he put his faith in Christ

                                    b.         Titus 3:3-7

            D.        But how did Noah find grace?

                        1.         Genesis 6:9 - He walked with God

                        2.         Does grace come to us without effort on our parts? No - Titus 3:8

                        3.         It is God’s grace to teach us what we must do - Titus 2:11-14

IV.      There is a choice. We can stubbornly cling to our rebellious sins, or we can let go.

            A.        We need humility, not pride - James 4:4-10

            B.        We need to walk the ways of God - Ephesians 2:10

                        1.         Pleasing God - Colossians 1:10; I Thessalonians 2:12; 4:1-2

            C.        Though undeserving, God gladly offers grace

            D.        Have you found grace in the eyes of the Lord?

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