Facing Reality

by George Slover

Then the Jews surrounded Him and said to Him, "How long do You keep us in doubt? If You are the Christ, tell us plainly" (John 10:24).

Although the above request was most likely in jest, it is nonetheless an interesting one. How often does anyone really desire straight-talk? In our day of soft diplomacy, the desire for reality is rare. Most of our speech, especially in religious circles, is couched in diplomatic terms. We call a "used car" a "pre-owned car", and we call "sin" something besides what it is - sin!

Politicians and celebrities try their best to cover up the blemishes. They try to remove warts, birthmarks, and wrinkles. They try to cover up the lies and false promises. Remember President Clinton’s: “It all depends upon what 'is' is?" Vanity dies a hard death.

Perhaps that is why so many, however, are drawn to the message of the Bible. There is no other book that tells it more like it is! Jesus skipped the diplomacy for the sake of truth! He called adultery, adultery and not an affair. He called wine a mocker and homosexuality an abomination. He condemned laziness and lying. He made no excuses!

About the only time most folks want plain talk is when they go to the doctor. If it is a life-threatening disease and causes much pain, they are ready for the cure no matter what! Man’s greatest threat is sin! Jesus, the physician, will tell you what the problem is and offer a solution.

So, open your life to the scrutiny of God’s word. Acknowledge the transgression. Make the commitment to do whatever God asks to remove it from your life.

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