How do I make sure my father is cared for?



I want to let you know that I found this article, Honor Your Father and Mother, to be helpful. I was using the Holy Bible app and this article was listed as a reference for additional commentary for Ephesians 6:2-3.

I’m going through difficult times trying to make sure my aged father is properly cared for. Unfortunately, I am faced with resistance from him and people who, in my opinion, are using him for their own benefit.



I'm surprised to hear that one of my pages was selected as a reference, but it is a pleasant surprise.

When you say "properly cared for" be careful that you are not using your own standards for others. For instance, my wife may ask me to properly wash the dishes but her ideas of "proper" are far more stringent than my own. I love her for her spic-and-span ways, but it would not do for her to get frustrated that others don't reach her levels of cleanliness.

I'm not saying you are wrong, but think about whether your father is happy with his care, even if you don't think it is to the level you prefer. If you think he is being used, then you can't make such charges based on opinion -- you will need hard facts.

Better is to find ways to enjoy his last days with him. Focus on him and make the last moments of his life pleasant. Talk about memories. Remind him of what you appreciate about him. Leave him with a smile on his face.

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