Does holding sperm for a long time cause cancer?


I have heard about this site and how it helped people. So I am looking forward in hope. I was leading the life of an ordinary man with a good job, but I wasn't able to find peace. Recently I got into religion and I am interested in this new life. I wanted to stop masturbation because I feel it is wrong, and I want to get over this small time pleasure. But I heard that holding sperm for a long time may cause cancer. I am now worried because of this. Please help me out.


The male body, beginning in the teenage years, constantly produces semen. The bulk of the fluid is stored in two glands called the seminal vesicles. As the vesicles get full, they send out signals which make the body more easily aroused. Many men describe the feeling as distracting and a feeling that sex is constantly intruding in their thoughts.

Excess semen is released through two means. As the body goes through cycles of arousal, drops of semen pass down into the urethra where they are flushed out the next time you urinate. Many men produce semen faster than this method can remove and so they experience wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. Essentially the person masturbates in his sleep, triggering an ejaculation and reducing the amount of semen in the seminal vesicles. God designed the body in this fashion to ensure that fresh fluids are always available for sexual intercourse.

Thus, the idea that a male can hold semen in to cause any harm is false. Cancer has long been a popular bogey man and just about everything has been blamed as a cause of cancer. What has been noted is that prostate cancer is less likely to be found in men who ejaculate frequently. Low frequency is considered to be 4 to 7 times a month (or roughly once a week). Men who ejaculated 13 to 20 times a month (roughly two to three times a week) had a 14% less probability of getting prostate cancer. Men who ejaculated over 21 times a month had a 33% less probability of getting prostate cancer. Why this happens is not known. See "Frequent Ejaculation May Be Good for Prostate." It is a subtle difference, but the claim is that frequent ejaculations cause a reduction in the probability of getting prostate cancer. You can't reverse this to say that a lack of ejaculation causes cancer.

By the way, since what is being considered is the frequency of ejaculation, getting married and having an active sex life is just as beneficial.

Right and wrong are not based on feelings. God defines right and wrong through His word. See "Is masturbation unacceptable?" and "Is masturbation sinful or not?" for discussions on what is found in the Bible regarding masturbation.


Thank you so much. Now my mind is completely clear. Now I can move on peacefully. I will pray to God to give you health and wisdom to clarify others' doubts like me.

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