Do you realize that you quoted from a false teacher?


I have just come across your sermon "What is God's will for me?" I was disturbed by one thing. You have used a quote from a David Jay Jordan article. David is an avowed anti-church "missionary" whose goal is to basically bring all believers out of churches. He believes that all churches are evil in themselves and those that run them are also evil. He is a Mystic and pseudoscientist that uses scripture to his own benefit and to draw people to his website for further "liberation" from being a "churchie".

Using him as a source may have the effect of people reading your article then going to his web site to find out more about him. This could be detrimental to a weaker brother's spiritual growth or could lead them astray. I urge you to remove the reference to David from your article as soon as possible.

For your information, as a rock-solid believer, I take on this guy in Internet forums on a regular basis, calling out his error and false preaching. He has been tossed from numerous forums for his writings, both Christian and secular. The Christian forums have banned him for the reasons stated above and his extreme rudeness and arrogance. The secular have banned him for his weird (even to them) versions of Christianity and the rudeness and arrogance too. His wife also has a web site where she is known as being a "goddess."

Anyway, I thought you should be aware of this wolf in sheep's clothing.


I thank you for your concern, but I quote Mr. Jordan for the sole purpose of refuting his statements, which the rest of the lesson and the three following parts do. Since I quote his statement, it is required for honesty to acknowledge who originally worded the statement. I selected his wording because it was the clearest of this type of belief. That a mystic happens to share, for this point, the same belief as many denominations doesn't really matter to me. What matters is showing what people do believe and why that belief doesn't match the Scriptures.

I do congratulate you on taking him on against his other false beliefs. Too many people aren't willing to stand up for what they believe these days.

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