I have a Bible question about the roles of men and ladies in the Bible. I heard some say that ladies cannot have moral and spiritual authority over their husbands or men, but does that include a wife saying to her husband, "let's go for drinks or an ice cream," or if the wife wants to go to do something that he doesn't want to, and he does it reluctantly to please her?


Your examples do not match your initial statement that women cannot have moral or spiritual authority over men. How does suggesting going out for a snack or wanting to shop when her husband really rather do something else have anything to do with morality or spiritual issues?

Please see the following about the idea of submission:

Submission does not mean a lack of your own opinions or desires. It basically means that when it comes to final decisions, the husband makes the final choice after considering all options, including his wife's thoughts on the matter. He may decide that his wife has a better idea, or he might decide that to make everyone happier he will join her in doing something he really doesn't enjoy, or he may decide that for various factors his preference is the better choice. It does not mean a wife does not make her own choices but when her husband has decided something, she respects his decision -- even when he is wrong (so long as he isn't deciding something that goes against God).


I am sorry for my poor explanations with my last email. Thanks for helping me out about understanding what a wife wants her husband to do for her or with her as long as it is not against whatever God wants.

God bless you.

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