I.         It is difficult to be a Christian

            A.        We live in a world that says it follows the Bible, but doesn't care what the Bible says

            B.        As result we face many temptations and those we know don't recognize the sins.

II.        What do we do?

            A.        Live like a hermit or monk? Withdraw from all contact with others?

            B.        Take a "If you can't beat them, join them?"

            C.        We have a job to live in this world, along side the wicked and stand for the truth.

                        1.         It is like trying to hold your ground while standing chest-high in the ocean.

                        2.         James 1:27 - Keep unspotted from the world

                        3.         Rom. 12:1-2 - Be transformed by renewing our minds

                        4.         II Tim. 2:4 - We are at war! Don't let the world's affairs prevent you from carrying out your duties.

III.       Determining Right from Wrong

            A.        Is it specifically forbidden?

                        1.         Lists like Gal. 5:19-20, I Cor. 6:9-10, Col. 3:5-9

                        2.         By the Bible doesn't list all sins. Can you image how big the book would be?

            B.        Will it offend your conscience?

                        1.         Rom. 14:23 - Doing anything that you believe to be wrong is a sin.

                        2.         Conscience isn't reliable to tell you what is right.

            C.        Will it cause to you lust? (i.e. desire things that are wrong)

                        1.         I Jn. 2:16-17 - Lust is of the world

                        2.         I Pet. 2:11 - Abstain form fleshly lust

            D.        Is it associated with things that are wrong?

                        1.         I Thess. 5:22 - Avoid all appearences of evil

            E.        Will it place you in the wrong company?

                        1.         I Cor. 15:33 - Evil companions will corrupt good morals

                        2.         Eph. 5:11 - Don't fellowship evil workers. Instead teach them.

            F.        Will it harm your body?

                        1.         We belong to God - I Cor. 6:19-20, Rom. 12:1, I Cor. 3:16-17

            G.        Will it hinder your influence on others to doing good?

                        1.         We are examples to the world - Mt. 5:13-16, Tit. 2:6-8

                        2.         We should not engage in things that the world thinks is wrong for a Christian to do.

                        3.         Watch that we don't cause another Christian to stumble.

IV.      Application: Dancing

            A.        What does the Bible say?

                        1.         Favorable mentions

                                    a.         An act of celebration

                                                (1)       Ex. 15:20-21 - After crossing the Red Sea

                                                (2)       Other passages

                                                            (a)       Judges 11:34

                                                            (b)       I Sam. 18:6-7

                                                            (c)       Lk. 15:25

                                    b.         An expression of happiness

                                                (1)       No dancing when sad - Lam. 5:15

                                                (2)       Lk. 15:25 - Party for prodigal son

                                                (3)       Other passages

                                                            (a)       Ps. 30:11

                                                            (b)       Jer. 31:4,13

                                                (4)       Like the dance football players do after a touchdown

                                    c.         Praising God

                                                (1)       David's dance before the ark - II Sam. 6:14-23, I Chron. 15:29

                                                (2)       Suggested by psalmist - Ps. 149:3

                                    d.         Notice

                                                (1)       The people danced alone or with members of their own sex

                                                (2)       It was an expression of the dancer's feelings

                                                (3)       It was not done for excerise or entertainment

                        2.         Unfavorable mentions

                                    a.         A sign of idle wealth was to teach your children to dance - Job 21:11-12

                                    b.         A part of a drunken celebration party - I Sam. 30:16, Gal. 5:19-21 mentions reveries (wild parties) as a work of the flesh.

                                    c.         A part of idol worship - Ex. 32:6,19

                                    d.         Entertainment that lead to John's beheading - Mt. 14:6-8, Mk 6:22

                                    e.         Notice

                                                (1)       Were a form of entertainment

                                                (2)       Celebrated man's work instead of God's

                                                (3)       Associated with wild parties

            B.        Where would you put modern day dances?

                        1.         They are usually a form of entertainment, rarely do they celebrate anything.

                        2.         They are sexual in nature

                                    a.         Sexual arousal is the main reason it is so popular

                                    b.         Would you think it normal for a man to dance with a man or a woman with a woman?

                                    c.         Why do you reject the idea?

                                    d.         Would you like to see your mother, or your husband, or your wife, slow dancing with someone else? Why?

                                    e.         What types of movements are used in modern dances?

                                                (1)       A slow dance that involves close contact

                                                (2)       A fast dance that involves hip thrusts and other suggestive movements

                        3.         What are the popular places to dance?

                                    a.         Bars

                                    b.         Dance halls where alcohol is served

                        4.         What about the ads for theator dances?

                                    a.         Is it just me or have you notice how little people are wearing in those ads these days.

                                    b.         Even when they are dressed it is so skin tight you can see every muscle.

                                    c.         Do you think theater owners know what will draw an audience? Is it the same thing that Christians ought to go to see?

                        5.         It is good exercise, but so is running or aerobics. Why associate with something questionable?

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