Can The Bible Prove Itself?

by Terry Wane Benton

Atheists laugh when a Christian uses the Bible to "prove" it is the word of God by appeal to the fact that the Bible claims to be the word of God. Of course, it is not just the fact that the Bible claims to be the word of God, but the internal and external evidence that backs up the claim. Those laughing start with an assumption that the Bible cannot prove itself. Their laughter is misguided. How do they know that the Bible cannot prove itself?

Let’s start with the fact that the Jews still believe the Old Testament is inspired or God-breathed. Yet, these 39 books do not give them a glowing picture of their people. In fact, it calls them “stiff-necked” and stubborn. Why would they make up such a terrible story about themselves, even showing serious flaws in their great heroes of faith, while holding before them a promise of a Savior-Messiah? Could they write this story? A bad story about themselves, and many prophecies of a coming Savior-Messiah? Would they write the story this way?

In looking at the evidence of the Bible itself, I find that the Jews wouldn't write the Old Testament this way if it was totally in their control to do as they wished, and with all the types, shadows, and prophesies of Jesus, they couldn't write such amazing interconnected stories, genealogies, with types and shadows and prophecies and see that they were fulfilled in one that would be a “stone that the builders rejected” (Psalm 118:22; Acts 4:10). They would not write about their own rejection of the Messiah, and they could not get right the lineage, place of birth, and other details that fit only Jesus.

So, yes, Jesus gets the last “laugh” (Psalm 2). The Bible not only makes the claim of being God’s word, but it proves itself to be the product of superhuman wisdom that can predict and see to the fulfillment while using “stubborn” and “stiff-necked” people in the process. Being dismissive of the Bible without really investigating the claims and inherent proof will prove to be the ultimate embarrassment of each person of that mindset. Don't be dismissive! Search the Scriptures to see what is so (Acts 17:11).

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