Are you in fellowship with the authors of the articles on your web site?


Is Brian A. Yeager, the author of one of the articles on your web site a sound teacher? I have looked at his web site and it does not seem that he or the congregation he is with agrees with anything. They don't fellowship with anybody. Does this person fellowship you and the La Vista congregation?


I've never met Brian in person, but I do like several of his articles, so I put them on La Vista's web site. Your conclusion that he doesn't agree with anything would be logically false. Brian doesn't attend La Vista and La Vista isn't supporting him in his work at his congregation, but we do share in being in the Lord's Church and having a common love for the truth. (The word fellowship means a sharing. See: Biblical Fellowship for more details.)

I glanced through several of his articles trying to figure out which ones you objected to. If it is his objection to Florida College's teaching Bible and lectureships, there are quite a number of preachers who find the practice disturbing. Personally, I don't mind the Bible teaching so long as people understand that one doesn't need to go to Florida College to know and teach the truth. (Yet quite a few people are of that persuasion. I've heard of congregations who won't consider a preacher if he hadn't attended Florida College.) I do find the lectureships disturbing because it creates a cross-congregational organization that doesn't exist in the Bible and can be a weak point in spreading false doctrine. See: Are lectureships scriptural? for details.

Is there something else that bothers you?

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