Abortion Deadlier for Women Than Childbirth

Source: Jennifer Groover, "Abortion Deadlier for Women Than Childbirth," CNS News Report, 13 July 2000. Quoted in Sentry Magazine, June 2001.

Jennifer Groover, CNS Correspondent, reports on the Finnish Study that disputes claims by abortion-rights activists that abortion is safer for a woman than childbirth.

"The study involved maternal post-abortion deaths of 9,192 Finnish women, aged 15-49, during the period of 1987-1994. The researchers pulled death certificates and reproductive health records and then narrowed the study to women who had a pregnancy-related event (birth, miscarriage, abortion) in the twelve months prior to their deaths. The deaths included suicide, accidental death, homicide, and natural causes.

"The results are startling. A woman's risk of dying within a year after an abortion was four times higher than the risk of dying after miscarriage or childbirth, according to the study.

"The results contradict statements made by the pro-choice movement. that abortion is safer than childbirth for women. The National Abortion Federation says, 'Abortion is one of the safest types of surgery. Complications from having an abortion ... are less frequent and less serious than those associated with having birth.' ... "


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