Your article helped clarify when to stop praying


Good morning and praise the Lord!

I have had a question burning inside for a while about praying for a man who says he wants to be a Christian. I am not to judge him. I am also not to give pearls to the swine.

The situation got really confusing and ugly, as I am the owner of a small mobile home park. A man and his children became my tenants. My wife says he hid behind a cloak of calling himself a Christian, pulling on my heartstrings to get in. I put my best faith and my best foot forward with him. We prayed sincerely together. Unfortunately, in a few short months, there was property damage, lies, and unpaid rent. Eventually, I was forced to take him to court and the judge evicted them as a result. I still prayed for him and his family. I felt very small; I mean, how could I possibly have evicted a "Christian" man and his young children? Even with the threat of actually losing the property due to being unpaid? I still prayed.

At what point am I no longer doing God's will and actually "wasting" prayers, when other work still needs to be done?

Your answer based around John's not praying for a man who sins in a way that leads to death has finally cleared it up for me. This has troubled me for a while, and I thank you.

In the end, I will pray one more time for him, and also turn the entire situation over to God, who can handle it better than I. I also feel that by letting go and letting God, His will is for me to be free of this situation will let me be able to handle whatever else He has in store for me. He probably had it all planned, waiting for me just to learn this lesson.

Just wanted to also thank you and the work you all have been doing. "Doing Church" without all the politics is where I think God wants us all to be, concentrating on the Truth, "In this world of toils and snares."

Peace to you all, and may you be blessed!


I'm glad the site has been useful to you.

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