Your answer to a question really helped me


I am enlightened by the message on your question board in regards to spiritual immorality. It helped tremendously. The preacher here preached about a similar topic years prior, but I have lost my notes to it. As time went on, I've entered into college as well as involved in sex with a woman. During those times I began to drift further away from the church, thinking I was still spiritually connected. I've started to justify things that I would have never justified before. As I got my life together through some trials and tribulations our Creator has allowed me to go through, with the assistance of regular praying, and studying the word, I have gotten myself back into a spiritual mindset. I am now with a woman to whom I am engaged, who is spiritually leveled as I am. We read together and pray together.

This post of a question has helped me greatly. I wish great success to this congregation. Love you all!


I'm glad you found the information on the site useful, but more that you are turning your life around to serve God.

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