You should delete your information on Roman Catholicism



I just wanted to inform you that the segment on your website when the question "What is the difference between Catholicism and Christianity?" has a very misleading answer. Much of the information is incorrect. I have studied a lot about Catholicism, and it was offensive in the ways you portrayed them. If you could please change this page, or even delete it, it would be much appreciated. I strongly believe that the author of this segment should talk to people in the Catholic Church about the religion, and differences. (And please make sure you don't believe half the things posted on the Internet.)

Thank you.


How interesting. A complete stranger, who claims to be an expert on Roman Catholicism, yet is unable to document one single mistake in an article on this religion, expects me to delete the well-researched information based on her say-so. You're right, I don't believe everything on the Internet, including emails from disgruntled Catholics. By the way, the sources for the information pre-date the Internet and were confirmed with Roman Catholic sources, documented in Why did Catholicism start and when did it happen?

I am glad that you realize the availability of this information doesn't make Roman Catholicism look very good. But I'm interested in truth, not in making a religion look good in their own eyes.

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