You don’t understand the Catholic Church’s teachings


I happened on your web site via a friend and read the response given to a gentleman about marrying a Catholic woman.  I suggest that you click on to and search for the correct answers about “Limbo” and “Annulments in the Catholic Church”.

99% of the people who are not Catholic are taught about the Catholic Church by persons who “think” they know the teachings.  I pray that you will study and learn about the correct teachings of the Catholic Church.


I am happy to hear that my writings are making the rounds, so to speak. I do research the Catholic church's teachings. You'll find references to official Catholic sources in the discussions of Catholic beliefs on this site. For example, I discussed the changing status of "Limbo" in the Catholic churches' teachings in "Did you hear that the Catholics voted away limbo?" However, I realize as well that though the church shifts its stance, its people don't follow nearly as quickly. I remember when Vatican II was passed and all the grumbling and resistance to the changes made years afterward. The warning I gave concerning a potential argument still stands.

Though the discussions on Catholic Answer are not technically "official" answers, they do give the general thought held by most Catholics on various topics. Even so, looking through the various discussions on annulments, nothing I stated in the answer misrepresents the Catholic belief.

It's interesting that a vague accusation is made without any specifics. It is easy to claim "you don't understand me," but the claim is not evidence.

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