You are a false prophet


I read a most interesting Sermon your church is promoting as being the word of God in answering the question of "are there prophets today".  I would remind you of a few facts. In the old testiment God makes a declaritive statement

"I do nothing unless I speak to my friends the prophets first".  And that has not changed until this very moment. You error in your teaching in that you have declared God a lier in as much as you denounce the word of GOD. God has established the church, Some apostles some prophets ect. The church is still on the earth and will remain in the state it was created in until Christ comes for the bride. Thus you are a false prophet and promote a lie. I am a apostle and a prophet and thought I would point out a few things to you so you might be able to stand in the days to come and not be corrected in a more direct way.

God Judges high officials he sends in a person like me to do that. Example a Judge in our town was causing great harm to the body of Christ and to Gods children the little ones. God put me before these people and then they attacked and attacked and attacked for 4 years. Then God Judged them using the scripture "touch not my anointed nor do my prophets any harm" prophets are not

tippy toed preachers. In the case of the Judge I spoke Gods judgement over him he died 1 year later. You will notice it was Gods judgement not mine. Then I spoke to his replacement 3 times before he was elected and told him of his responsibility to God and the Children. I am a born prophet, I was called to the office of the apostle.  But I operated in the power of a prophet as a youth. And have had fellowship with God for all my many years. I am not a preacher because I take no money to serve God.  God provides for the prophets we detest money and the trapings of such. And we do not seek fame.

Now as i leave you to think i will remind you that the Word of God is not a comic book and if you are always denouncing the words in the bible which you indeed are then you are lost and in blindness to the truth. The bible is the foundation that God has given the Children of Christ. We build upon that foundation. Your foundation is cracked and full of dead mens bones. You are teaching the gosple of another Jesus and not the Jesus whos blood has created the Church which is composed of Apostles, prophets, preachers evangials and teachers. Your church could be called the bozo church as far as your teaching are concerned. Pure nonesence. Be the way there are deeds of prophets recorded in the new testiment to prove that the office is still in existance.

So i guess you will tell me next that i am decieved. That i am being influenced by demons. I have known demons they obey me. I have met satan he has no power other then to leads people astray who are unwilling to met God and to walk in the authority of Christ. Unwilling to know Christ and his sufferings. So you say that you do mighty things for God. Your works do not impress me. You say you have power do you. Your form of power is foolishness. You say you are all knowing sounds like a God complex.

We apostles and prophet are not easily entertained. And we get down to bussiness. As you know that you are write, tell me about the rod of a prophet.

How about speaking to me about the staff. They rod and staff are spoken about by David. Teach me about the colors of each of the 7 spirits of God or have you not read about them in the torah and the prophets. The 7 stars and the 7 eyes of God. Teach me about the tower of God. Have you looked upon the tower? How about the reward of a prophet? What could that be? As you declare a thing has the Lord God Almighty spoke to you first. Propheta speak what God declares. Or God destroys us. We walk in the fear of God. We know him as Judge.

So today I am instructing you, line up with his word or prepare for the Judgement that is at hand. God declares that 2 prophet will arise with great power and they will send fire from there mouths to destroy all who would harm them. These are not born full grown. They come from the seed of a woman just like all prophet have. And there are more then just these two coming. There are coming many apostles and many prophets. All with a message of repentance. Sheol is hot and many who thing them self good will suffer the flames of eternal judgement how many are you leading to that reward. Jesus came to restore us tot he father. Are you not hearing from the Father then no restoration. Are you not hearing from the Holy Spirit then no holy Spirit is speaking to you. Are you not hearing the voice of Christ. My sheep hear my voice declared the Christ. So why not joint the JWs or the mormans or the muslims.

Make straight the path of the Lord for he comes for a church with out spot of wrinkle. Shalom Shalom

Yes some prophets know the hebrew language also.

PS You will notice I used really one scripture to denounce your whole teaching with a whole page of scriptures. Your words are chosen to confuse people into following your thinking. My scripture stands on its own. As God changes not and he has declared the thing it must remain until all life is terminated on this planet. Not one word shall pass away until all is fulfilled. "I do nothing least i speak to my friends the prophets". And that is the way it still works today. By the way courts record every word spoken on the witness stand. God does nothing in secret in the lives of the prophets. And his court is already seated and your words are before him even now.


Normally when a letter arrives, I will spend a few moments fixing up the spelling and grammar of a letter before posting it. Not that my grammar is good, but it helps me to understand what is being asked, and I am sure it helps others as well. However, the above arrived and I decided to post it just as it was sent.

I searched the web site in an attempt to locate which article caused this self-proclaimed prophet and apostle to be so upset, but I couldn't find a particular one. There are sermons which discuss the ending of prophecy; there are articles which show the falseness of the claims of modern prophets; and I have answered questions about prophecy as well. So while I couldn't locate a particular article, there is plenty here to upset a false prophet.

How do I know this person is a false prophet? There is a very simple test that most fail. You see the prophets of old did not record their own words. They wrote as directed by God the very words of God. "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God. These things we also speak, not in words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual" (I Corinthians 10:12-13). My friends, God doesn't have bad grammar! What is written above is not by the inspiration of God.

Next is the claim that a passage in the Old Testament refutes the position that prophecy has ended, stating:

"I do nothing unless I speak to my friends the prophets first"

and then stated a second time as:

"I do nothing least i speak to my friends the prophets."

The statement is not found in the Bible. No wonder that he can't quote his imaginary statement consistently.

Need more be said?

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