Without a doubt some of the best and most studied material I have ever read!



I just wanted to send a quick email of appreciation. For years I have read articles on your website.

Without a doubt some of the best and most studied material I have ever read! What a great treasure for the honest-heart searching for pure unbiased truth. The articles posted on your website have been written with great care and respect for God’s word.

A few years back my wife asked me to study the topic of head-coverings and share my study with her. I did and she agreed with my study. The perplexing part was that what we studied is not done today in most congregations. Truly, it made me question my studies. Maybe I was missing something and maybe my lack of knowledge on the history from Corinth was to blame?

I continued to study and came across one of the best written and complete articles on the topic here on your website. Hugo McCord even giving his stamp of approval.

Those who sincerely seek the truth can find it and know it and there is no doubt in my mind that the La Vista congregation is of those seeking just that!

Keep on keeping on! You are a great blessing to the Kingdom!


It is always good to know that the efforts here are being put to good use by brethren in other areas.


Yes, indeed it is very helpful. Good teaching goes a long way and the truth seems to come “packaged” in a way that makes sense and is not complicated. It may carry high expectations, but it is clear and not all that complicated.

Whenever I read a commentary that is wordy and complicated I remind myself of Proverbs 10:19.

Keep up the great teaching and may God bless you all.

Maybe this summer we will travel to the zoo at Omaha and worship with you all on a Sunday morning! Lord willing.


It will be great to have you come!

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