Who are you to decide which books belong in the Bible?


I read your article on the internet and I think you need to re-read genisis concerning the giants and the fallen angels, sir. Angels were able to trnasform themselves into human beings just read the story  of the two men( who were angels of God) who spoke to Lot and stayed in his home and ate with him, then later destroyed soddom and gomorrah, can you explain that? In the book of Enoch it talks about the fallen angels being chained in darknes awaiting the day of judgement-1Peter chapter 3 verse 19-20,2Peter chapter 2 verse 4-5, Jude chapter 6, Job chapter 4 verse  18.Why do you people always have to change everything and reject what is the truth? Yes, Jesus Christ sais that angels are not given in marriage, but those fallen angels rebelled and broke the law, just as satan and his angels did by going against God in trying to  dethrone Him. Yhe book of Enoch is authentic, sir. It's people like you who want to direct us from the truth and by the way how do you know what actually went on in those days, were you  there? Did you  witness these events? I am creating my own second bible to coincide with my KJV because I don't like reading an incomplete genesis and bible, I am including all the books rejected by you people,we the people should be the ones to decide which books whould be rejected or not, not the catholic religion, who are they?  Who died and left them in charge? No  where in the bible does it say the  catholic elite are in charge of assembling the bible aand which books to include and not include!!! We the people are tired of such stupidity, we want a new bible that speaks of the entire truth to include all the books that were rejected the way it should have been done since the beginning,sir.


Though I normally edit notes to improve the spelling and grammar, I decided to leave this one in its original form. I got a good chuckle from it. No, the Roman Catholic church did not decide which books belong in the Bible. The Bible was in existence long before the Roman Catholic church fully formed. Besides, the Catholics accept books that most of the world understands to be uninspired works. See "The Extra Catholic Books" for more details.

While claiming the freedom to add books indiscriminately to your Bible, you deny others the right to question the authenticity of the same books. That is not freedom of the people, that is the despotism of an individual since your only proof for acceptance is merely the fact that you want the book.

Rather than being discriminating as which books are truly from God, you claim to accept any book that comes along and claims to be inspired. Thus you ignore the command of God, "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world" (I John 4:1). The various books of Enoch are not in the Bible for the simple reason that they contain falsehoods, including the claim of being written by Enoch, the seventh from Adam. See "Why don't you use the Book of Enoch?" for details.

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