Where can I find the hymn, “Who Shall Stand Before the King”?


Good evening. I found your web site this evening while looking for a Christian hymn I heard at a church of Christ YouTube web site in Alabama and I am wondering if you know the song, the writer, and possibly in what book it was published.

The song was: The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. The people singing it have a songbook in hand and were singing it from it but I don't recognize the hymnal.

I can't find anything on this song, nor can I find any more about it.


Up in the right-hand corner is this comment:

This is from a congregational sing at the Alabama Church of Christ New Year's Meeting 04-05, the song in "Who Shall Stand Before the King" written by Ivan Costa and published in (the late) M Lynwood Smith's 'Blessed Refuge' song book. Thanks for all the views!

I even found where you can order Blessed Refuge. Sadly, I recently heard they had a fire and lost their stock.

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