What would be a good translation for children?


I would like to buy a new Bible for my children that is easy to understand but is still in keeping with the Word of God. They currently have the King James Version. There are so many translations out there; you just don't know which version to buy.


You will find that most translations are rated as to the grade level needed to read it. Here are some examples:

Version Reading Level
King James Version 12th Grade
Revised Standard Version 12th Grade
New American Standard Bible 11th Grade
New Revised Standard Version 11th Grade
English Standard Version 10th Grade
New International Version 8th Grade
Holoman Christian Standard Bible 8th Grade
New King James Version 7th Grade
New Century Version 3rd Grade

The Bibles I marked in red are the ones that I found to be the most accurate. The King James Version was a fine translation, but the English language has changed so much from the time it was written that it is both difficult to read and can be misleading if you don't know how some of the words used to have been used.

You didn't say how old your children were. If they are very young, I would recommend the New Century Version, sold under the title "New International Children's Bible." While it is not the most accurate, it is not bad and for small children who are just learning to read, it can be quite good. Older children, however, don't like it because of its wordiness -- restricting yourself to simple words means phrases are repeated a lot. For older children or those who are used to the style of the King James Version, the New King James Version is an excellent choice. For older teens and for adults, I currently recommend the New American Standard Version with the English Standard Version running a close second.


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