What is needed to use the material on your site?



I am a preacher with a Christian Church.  Some time ago, I had a professor from a Bible college point me to some articles on your web site.  I have found several articles to be very helpful.

I was writing to see what it would take to receive permission to print a couple of articles out (eldership and roles) and give individually to the elders who serve here.  I really do appreciate your work in writing and educating.  Thank you.


It only requires that you push the print button. 🙂

All material on La Vista's site is free for reuse so long as the original author is acknowledged and it isn't sold. Permission is only needed if someone wants to use the material in a commercial product.

I'm pleased that the material is being used and that you find it useful. Being cited at colleges now? That's a first for me.

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